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An Approach Catered to You

At WVSL Behavioral Health, our objective is to deliver outstanding care within a compassionate and non-judgmental setting.

We are firm believers in:

  • treating individuals as people first
  • prioritizing humanity over diagnosis

Our personalized treatment plans cater to the distinctive requirements of each client, ensuring that every individual stepping into our facility can unlock their full potential and embrace a more fulfilling life.

Meet our Team



MS, NCC, RDN, LD | Clinical Therapist


Tuesday 9am-5pm

Thursday 9am-5pm



Mental Health Counselor


Monday- Friday 9am-5pm



Administrative Assistant


Monday-Friday 9am-5pm

Learn More About Bailey

Bailey is an Administrative Assistant based in Morgantown and a person in long-term recovery. Well-known in the Morgantown Recovery Community, she finds fulfillment in service work and aiding others. Overcoming numerous obstacles in her life fuels her passion to help others lead fulfilling lives. Currently collaborating with WVSL Behavioral Health, Bailey extends support to community members in need of Behavioral Health resources. Beyond her professional commitments, Bailey cherishes moments with family and friends in the recovery community. Recovery serves as the cornerstone of her life, propelling her to empower others towards success.

Who We Are

 At WVSLS Behavioral Health, our mission is to provide leading clinical and supportive services for individuals grappling with substance use disorders (SUDs) and mental health conditions. We acknowledge the widespread impact of these challenges on our community. 

Statistics reveal that West Virginia faces one of the highest rates of mental health problems in the United States, spanning issues like depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, and bipolar disorder. The state also confronted a surge in substance use issues, with 1,275 confirmed overdoses in 2020, marking a 45% increase from 2019 (West Virginia Department of Health and Human Services).

As the numbers continue to rise, access to top-tier care becomes increasingly critical. At WVSLS BH, we prioritize individualized outpatient treatment services tailored to your unique needs. Our comprehensive system of care caters to both adults and adolescents with mental health disorders. Our treatment options encompass individual and group therapy, medication management, and medical care referrals. It’s worth noting that each of our staff members has personal experiences with recovery and mental health challenges, granting us an empathetic understanding of your journey.

This mirrors the situation with our inaugural venture, widely recognized within the West Virginia community as West Virginia Sober Living (WVSL). WVSL offers a secure, nurturing, and empathetic haven for residents to initiate their journey towards recovery, fostering wholesome relationships within active recovery communities.

Building on WVSL’s triumph, we’re poised to broaden our services and contribute more substantially to the West Virginia community, now encompassing comprehensive support for mental health disorders. Our primary objective is to enhance the well-being of our community’s residents and the families touched by the challenges posed by mental health issues and substance use disorders.


Behavioral health

Our Care Is:


We prioritize person-centered care as the most effective approach to attain optimal health and wellness. We firmly hold the belief that every individual is unique. Thus, we conduct thorough assessments of your specific needs and preferences, and leverage evidence-based techniques to ensure the best outcomes for each individual.


We practice trauma-informed care, which focuses on addressing the complete well-being of every individual and treating all with utmost dignity and respect. Our approach is aimed at healing the wounds of past traumas, benefiting individuals, families, and communities.


We provide evidence-based behavioral health and substance use disorder (SUD) treatment options. At WVSL BH, we prioritize the use of clinical science and research to offer the best possible care to our clients. Our commitment to evidence-based treatment ensures that individuals receive the highest quality of care.