Our Mission

The West Virginia Sober Living program is designed to reintegrate recovering individuals into the world. Accountability is at the core of our Sober Living programs. Residents will begin to develop strong relationships and demonstrate transparency in their daily lives as they maintain accountability to the group. A consistent theme of honesty and integrity in all things is the goal as we work to develop connectedness and communal responsibility. Through this process, residents will gain independence and responsibility, both financially and emotionally, as they become the person they want to be, which is the ultimate goal.

Our sober living houses provide a safe, caring, and supportive environment for residents to begin living a lifestyle of recovery and developing healthy new relationships in the active recovery communities. Our homes afford residents the freedom to develop spiritually and the structure to assure that their recovery remains the number one priority.


Where We’re Located

We currently have 6 homes: two for men and one for women in Morgantown; one for women and children, one for women, and one for men in the Charleston area. We are always working to open more homes.

Each home has a house manager, which is a certified recovery coach. All of our facilities are monitored closely by closed-circuit camera systems, which encompass the perimeter of each building and the common living areas inside the house. The safety of our members is a number one priority. Check out our gallery of the living quarters and group outings.

Our homes are West Virginia Alliance of Recovery Residences (WVARR) certified. Visit their website to learn more.


 Men’s Home 

Women’s Home 

Group Outings 

As featured in the original Netflix documentary Recovery Boys

Recovery Boys Netflix Documentary